About Us

Novatech Lighting Systems, Inc. is located in Anaheim, California and specializes in providing to professional users the portable and handheld lighting that circumstances require. Family owned and operated, we have been in business for over 20 years.

Novatech started with the Nitehawk Patrol Light, used by thousands of Police, Fire, EMS highway maintenance, marine, aviation ground transportation and governmental agencies throughout the United States and around the world. We have since expanded our product line to include:

  • Portable Industrial lighting of all types of handheld units
  • Fluorescent work lights special for hazardous locations
  • Low-voltage inspection lighting, available with in line step-down transformers which converts the 120 volt power to only 12 volts in your hand.

Our products set the standard for design and performance in hand held lighting. It’s a standard that sets Novatech apart from the competition in quality, durability and dependability. We also offer hand held lighting on cord reels with the same 120-volt/12 volt configuration or a straight 12-volt DC configuration.

Novatech products are made to deliver glare-free illumination in the harshest of environments where rough service is the norm. Ask our public safety customers who put our products to the test!


Have a question? Contact us or call toll-free (800) 937-3110.